Aleppo sweets was established in 2019, taking place in the city of sharjah.

Aleppo Sweets signature range of hand-made orintal desserts is made and prepared from the finest ingredients.

Crafted by a team of savvy chefs, who mastered the secrets of creating the tastiest desserts. Excellent delicacies of decadent and luscious selections of authentic oriental desserts, you can only find at Aleppo Sweets. Our assortment of delicious sweets includes the famous baklava, fashioned in two styles, quashta and pistachio.

Knafeh, maamoul, namourah, and many more heavenly tasting and tempting choices.


Our mission is to revolutionize how oriental cuisine and sweets are made, and to present them in a unique manner that is both elegant and full of flavor. Our vision is to become a themed brand, recognizable for its exquisite craft and quality.

Our sole aim is to make delicious and exclusive dishes and sweets. And our love for making great cuisine and sweets requires great effort.

That’s why we continuously strive to stand out and offer our customers the best quality and services.

What encouraged us to branch out and venture in different cities like Dubai and Sharjah was the fast and striking advancement we experienced, achieved by our dedication, and powered by the loyalty of our customers.